Updating ssl cert

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You may have more than 1 certificate for a host name at DNSimple at the same time, so renewing your certificate prior to the expiration date of your current certificate will not affect your operations.Note, however, that you will only be able to install 1 certificate on your server at a time.

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Download the latest Ruby Gems Please download the file in a directory that you can later point to (eg.

If you have an HTTPS listener, you deployed an SSL server certificate on your load balancer when you created the listener. You must ensure that you renew or replace the certificate before its validity period ends.

Certificates provided by AWS Certificate Manager and deployed on your load balancer can be renewed automatically.

UPDATE 2014-12-21: Ruby Gems 1.8.30, 2.0.15, and 2.2.3 have been released.

It requires manual installation, please see instructions below.

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