Sedating antihistamines and

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This is often referred to as an 'itch-scratch-itch' cycle.

It leads to thickening and weeping of the skin and generally makes the eczema worse and more likely to become infected because scratching breaks the skin.

Rather than risk the problems associated with these drugs, use natural antihistamines that can halt your symptoms without putting your health at risk.

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This page covers: Types of antihistamines How to take them Side effects Taking them with other medicines, food or alcohol Who can take them – including pregnancy advice How they work There are many types of antihistamine.

These 5 natural antihistamines will stop your allergy symptoms in their tracks.

While there are many over-the-counter antihistamines, their negative effects can intensely outweigh their benefits.

This sleepy feeling brought on by antihistamines can lead to impaired psychomotor performance, cognitive functions and memory problems.

Natural alternatives For seasonal allergies, starting a natural antihistamine a month or two before the season begins can be very helpful.

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