When did ashanti and nelly start dating

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says she didn’t date Desean, they just went to a football game and that he is cool people.

says she had a lot of fun during her break with Nelly.

His two kids from a previous relationship began calling Ashanti their New York Mother. They briefly broke up in April, 2007, but quickly reconciled.

In December, 2010, Nelly was asked why he hasn't married Ashanti yet, and he stated that he wanted to make sure that he was ready, because he didn't want to be married more than once.

I'm excited, it's a little different, obviously.

I came up with the title because if you know anything about Mustang 5.0, you know the classiness of it as far as the history behind it, and also the mystique.

says she was surprised to see who came after her while she was single.

Says she wrote Never should have when her and Nelly were back and forth.

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