Elf dating cheats

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Riley also got an F for Spanish and Alex is happy since it means that he has been paying as much attention to her as much she has been to him. Justin walks towards them and Harper accidentally blurts out that Alex had failed Spanish.

Riley then asks Alex out on Friday night with some other friends to a restaurant. Theresa and Jerry finds out that Alex had failed Spanish and she blames it on Justin and Max.

The elf then bites her, causing her to become a Chocoholic (someone who is addicted to chocolate, sort of like a alcoholic but with chocolate).

Alex happily announces to Harper that she got an F for her Spanish midterm and comments that failing Spanish was hard work.

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Alex decides to cheat on her español test using pocket elves, who have in-depth knowledge of diverse subjects.

The human tells you of a demon that chased them away from the cave and then gives you directions to it, and then you have to decide their fate. After they run off, you decide to explore this cave, so head for the white arrow on the radar map now!

Ahead up the path you encounter a pack of wolves - and kill them.

Theresa then calls Alex's Spanish teacher and explains to her that Alex failed Spanish because she was a terrible role model and she has not been using Spanish at home. Jerry then forbids Alex from going out until she passes Spanish.

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