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You'll bump into other characters as you get accustomed to the Tempest or visit cities and planets as part of the story.

Like previous Mass Effect games, romance is a fairly simple process - talk to the character you wish to get together with as much as possible and if applicable, complete their specific missions.

Now, twenty-four centuries later, Lara has to try and prevent an evil billionaire capitalist from locating the container, prying open the lid, and bringing an end to civilization as we know it.

Though the storyline is clearly not one to be conjured with, all that really matters in a movie such as this one is that the action move quickly and the stunts be sufficiently enterprising to engage the audience.

For gamelogs only in seasons we have play-by-play, we include triple plays as well. For gamelogs only in seasons we have play-by-play, we include triple plays as well.The two embark on an adventure that spans continents in an attempt to regain the orb...Angelina Jolie returns as a distaff Indiana Jones in "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life," an action/adventure film (based on a video game character) that is just goofy enough and inane enough to be almost entertaining.Unfortunately, the orb falls into the hands of Jonathan Reiss, an evil scientist who deals in killer viruses and hopes to sell the secrets of the box as the ultimate weapon.Recruited by British Intelligence to get the orb back from Reiss, Lara recruits Terry Sheridan, a British marine turned mercenary (and her former love interest) to help.

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