Fishbowl dating site

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Once the final group has concluded, the moderator closes the fishbowl and summarizes the discussion., who begins by explaining the purpose of knowledge cafés and the role of conversation in solving problems.

Founded five years ago, Zoosk started to make a name for itself in online dating through Facebook and other social networking sites.

When this happens, an existing member of the fishbowl must voluntarily leave the fishbowl and free a chair.

A FREE site, no fees as the website makes money from the group organisers.It is a parody of sites such as,'s slogan is "Where lonely adults find even lonelier adults." After his disastrous blind date the night before with Stephanie, a woman under the delusion that she owns a pet unicorn, a desperate Spencer heeds his sister, Carly's, advice and signs up for For a man as creative as Spencer is, he is surprisingly inept at making an appealing video of himself to upload to the dating site.When time runs out, they leave the fishbowl and a new group from the audience enters the fishbowl.This continues until many audience members have spent some time in the fishbowl.

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