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While evaluating the results of thermoluminescence dating it is necessary to take into account the procedure of sampling from layers of interest, their lithological composition, first of all granulometric, sedimentary environment, including sources of material, the material getting to the load flows, transportation mode and basin differentiation.From all the granulometric fractions of a sample, age of fine-grained fraction (63-80 μm) may be explained by the input of aeolian dust to a basin and sedimentation along with clasts brought to a lake by water flows.We report the ages of cleavage development in a normally intractable lower greenschist facies slate belt, the Central Maine-Aroostook-Matapedia belt in east-central Maine.

It is important however, that the half-life of an element is defined in terms of probability and is not the time required for exactly 50% of a given quantity to decay (e.g.Over the past decade, state-of-the-art geochronological laboratories have been established in China, contributing to the country's increasing role in many fields of Geosciences. This article highlights some of the major geochronological achievements of the past decades, with special focus on China's Precambrian geology, the improved understanding of age relationships in the Mesozoic Igneous Province of eastern China, and new developments in the dating of hydrothermal ore deposits. The establishment of the K-Ar and U-Pb dating techniques at these institutions were initiated and led by Profs. At the time, education of isotope geochronology and geochemistry was spearheaded by the Department of Geochemistry at the University of Science and Technology of China. The first K-Ar age dates measured by China's isotopic laboratories were published by Li in 1963.

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