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Relationships that once might have withered are now nourished by the ease and speed of instant message exchanges and email messages. Difficult conversations with friends are now mediated by the emotional distance the Internet provides.Intimate conversations sometimes seem easier than those that take place face-to-face.If you're worried or need support at night, you could try asking an adult you trust for help.

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There is an “Intruder stopper” option plays fake video upon opening.During the teenage years striking changes take place in the body as well as the brain.Youth are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges including – depression, anxiety, ADHD, self-harm, eating disorders and more. The Tribe offers a convenient and safe place for teens to connect, share stories and encouragement.Positive social support is a critical component to developing into a healthy adult.Members of our teen support group have access to the latest in social network technology including a dedicated activity stream, forum and chat room.

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