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Two recurring characters—Allan Arbus as Major Sidney Freedman, a psychiatrist (called Milton Freedman in his first appearance) and Edward Winter as Colonel Sam Flagg (a Lieutenant Colonel, before the fourth season), CIA—were introduced in the second season.Although not an immediate success, the popularity of M*A*S*H increased in its second season, when it ranked among the ten most-popular programs on prime time American television.The problem of mass transfer in a hollow-fibre artificial kidney performing simultaneous dialysis and ultrafiltration is formulated as a well-defined duct convective mass transfer problem.Such assumptions are made as are satisfied in test dialyser.Through the use of a blood filter and a chemical solution known as dialysate, the treatment removes waste products and excess fluids from the bloodstream, while maintaining the proper chemical balance of the blood.There are two types of dialysis treatment: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.Flssigkeitsberschuss aus dem blut in die dialyselsung.das gereinigte blut wird dem Patienten wieder zugefhrt.

a patient typically receives three treatments per week, lasting from three to six hours each.Method of connecting a patient's blood circulation to the dialyzer.the vascular access must allow sufficient blood flow and access as often as necessary, normally three times a week.der Prozess wird durch eine hmodialysemaschine gesteuert, die blut pumpt, gerinnungshemmende Mittel zusetzt, den reinigungsprozess reguliert und die Mischung der dialyselsung und ihre Fliegeschwindigkeit durch das System steuert.normalerweise erhlt ein Patient drei behandlungen pro Woche, die je drei bis sechs Stunden dauern.

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