Flashing started all operations completed firmware updating failed

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Here in this article We will be showing you how to flash a firmware on your device without any errors.

This works fine on soft bricked as well as on an Un-bricked device.

If you ain't see any response, try to recheck the USB cable and re-install the USB Drivers.

Click the Odin "AP button" then browse and select the firmwares file.

- Remove the external micro SD card if you have one, to avoid any failures and error during the flashing process.

(Recommended for beginners, some rouge 3rd-party apps stored on SD card may also caused some problem)Turn your Samsung device off, then Press the [Volume Down Home Power] buttons all together at the same time, HOLD them, then let them go until a warning screen prompted you to choose continue or cancel.

This is because even if the firmware that you are trying to install is specifically designed for your device, the Baseband version of your device might not be the same as the Baseband of the downloaded firmware.

When your ilumi stops changing colors and remains at the bright white color, the firmware update has completed and it is safe to operate your ilumi normally.

The COM number will depend on which USB port assigned with your phones, it usually connects from 01 to 07.

There is also a word that says "Added" in the log-cat box.

If you use the app to update the firmware, and the firmware update doesn't complete or seems to stop before completing, then your device may have lost connection with our server during the update.

Simply press the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen, and restart the firmware update.

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