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Marys River in Ontario, Canada, close to the US-Canada border.

It is the seat of the Algoma District and the third largest city in Northern Ontario, after Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

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To the north, the city is bordered by an unincorporated portion of Algoma District, which includes the local services boards of Aweres, Batchawana Bay, Goulais and District, Peace Tree and Searchmont.

Trainor admitted that marketing doesn’t always come naturally to every grower. It certainly happens outside of these kinds of events but this venue is much more efficient.” Growing Connections is part of RAIN’s larger effort to create a food strategy that would be endorsed by the City of Sault Ste. We started with fresh and frozen blueberries and now were expanding into the value added product. “I came today because we’re interested in meeting local farmers and getting local produce for the restaurant.

“Some farmers are great at marketing- they’re setting up Facebook pages and using social media. Eventually we’d like to put in a small winery at the farm.” Trainor was overwhelmed by the volume of blueberries produced in the growing season and sought options to move his fruit. Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out to begin bringing something in.

The Advocacy Resource Center (ARC) is a direct service program that provides voluntary assistance and support to victims / survivors and their children regardless of law enforcement involvement or length of time since the assault, abuse and / or crime.

The ARC provides services to not only victims / survivors and their children, but also to family members or friends needing information about how to support a victim / survivor in their life.

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